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I'm not afraid, at least not to die. I'm afraid to live and not remember why.
Your pictures and sims are absolutely stunning. That is all. <3


You get back here so I can smother you

Thank you sweetie pie. Yours are freaking AWESOME. That is all ♥

I have to reblog this because of the loveeeee. Omg. 

(/;-;\) THANK YOU

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"I like men who are capable of sin."

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Crois-tu que je suis Ange… ou Démon?

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I got a feeling I might have lit the very fuse
That you were trying not to light

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After longer while… Vee & Ian.


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These two, I just.

OTP, okay.


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that one person who whenever they come online you just


i smell friend

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Whoaaa. This is amazing.

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You got the lights on in the afternoon
And the nights are drawn out long
And you’re kissing to cut through the gloom
With a cough drop coloured tongue

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Women and men we are the same,
But love will always be a game

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To go into game 



Story of my lifeeeee

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Ollie didn’t tell Melody he was back in Sunlit Tides and showed up at her door to surprise her.

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and then satan said “here, have feelings”

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